Identifying and repairing a poor electrical connection before a component fails can save you much greater costs associated with production losses, power outages, equipment failure, or even fires or other catastrophic failures.

Therefore, implementing an effective inspection and maintenance program is essential. Jackson Switchgear offers a full on-site investigation service supported by a comprehensive report illustrating any deviations from manufacturer’s the recommended operating specifications using the latest in preventative maintenance technology.

We will provide you with a comprehensive, easy to read report on the results of the visual, power quality and thermographic surveys. This broad report will also contain any recommendations for remedial work that may be appropriate, for example, torquing connections, switchgear replacement or corrective equipment including power factor, harmonic suppression or surge suppression.Our maintenance contract entitles you to an annual survey using any or all of these methods. Clients availing of this service also benefit from 24 hour technical support, including site visits if necessary.

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